Packed cold ham cutsAufschnitt Variation (240g sliced)
Baked sausage meatBackofen-Leberkäse
Gourmet hamBauern-Schinken
Smoked meatBauerngeselchtes
Self-service hamBeinschinken Selektion (130g sliced)
SausagesBratwürstel dick
SausagesBratwürstel dünn
Gourmet hamDer Berger Schinken
Packed cold ham cutsExquisite Schinkenvariation (240g sliced)
Cold meatExtra Pikant
Cold meatFeine Extrawurst
Packed cold meatFeine Extrawurst (150g sliced)
Gourmet hamFrühstücks-Schinken
Smoked meatGastro Selchschopf essfertig
SausagesGrillvariation (14 Stk 300g)
Cold meatKalbfleisch-Pariser im Leinendarm
SausagesKalbs-Bratwürstel (9 Stk 192g)
LoinKarree gebraten
Cold meatKrakauer
Packed cold meatKrakauer (150g sliced)
Gourmet hamKren-Schinken
Smoked meatKümmelbraten
Baked sausage meatLeberkäse
PatèsLeberpastete im Speckmantel (125g)
Packed cold ham cutsLeichte Aufschnitt-Variation (240g geschnitten)
Gourmet hamMariandl-Schinken
PatèsMarillen-Pastete (125g)
Gourmet hamMeister-Schinken
SausagesOriginal Rostbratwürstel (14 Stk 300g)
SausagesOriginal Rostbratwürstel mit Emmentaler (14 Stk 300g)
Cold meatPikantwurst
Packed cold meatPikantwurst (150g sliced)
Cold meatPolnische
PatèsPreiselbeer-Pastete (125g)
Packed cold meatPuten-Extra (150g sliced)
SausagesPuten-Frankfurter (6 Stk 360g)
SausagesPuten-Knacker (3 Stk 390g)
Gourmet hamPutenschinken Arrosto
Packed cold ham cutsPutenschinken-Variation (180g sliced)
Smoked meatRauchschulter
Gourmet hamRömer-Schinken
Smoked meatSchinken-Teilsames essfertig
Packed cold ham cutsSchinkenaufschnitt (240g sliced)
Smoked meatSelchroller ohne Schwarte
Smoked meatSelchschopfbraten
PatèsTrüffel-Pastete (125g)
SausagesWachauer Debreziner (4 Stk 240g )
SausagesWachauer Frankfurter (4 Stk 240g)
SausagesWachauer Knacker (3 Stk 375g)
Smoked meatWachauer Räucherbauch
LoinWachauer Schweinsbratl
Gourmet hamWacholder-Schinken
Seasonal hams – WinterWaldhonig-Schinken (100g sliced)
SausagesWeißwürste (5 pairs approx. 800g)
Packed cold meatWellness Gemüse Extra (100g geschnitten)
Packed cold meatWellness-Extra (100g sliced)
Packed cold meatWellness-Krakauer (100g sliced)
Gourmet hamWellness-Schinken
Packed cold ham cutsWellness-Schinkenaufschnitt (180g sliced)
Packed cold meatWellness-Wurstaufschnitt (180g sliced)
Cold meatWiener
Packed cold meatWiener (150g geschnitten)
Packed cold meatWurstaufschnitt (170g sliced)
Packed cold meatWurstaufschnitt (500g sliced)
Cold meatZillertaler Bergwurst classic (300g)
Cold meatZillertaler Bergwurst mit Alpenkräutern (300g)
Cold meatZillertaler Bergwurst mit Käse (300g)
PatèsZwiebel-Pastete (125g)

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at our branches

You miss him, the butcher of your trust? That can be changed. At four Berger stores in Lower Austria and Vienna, we offer you – in addition to our most popular ham creations – the finest cold meat and crispy sausage specialities, display cases well filled with fresh meat, and a selection of grocery products. If it is difficult for you to make your selection, the men and women working for us will be happy to assist you. Welcome!

···········································································   For the ·····················


of enjoyment

Is it possible to philosophize about ham? It does not seem so at first glance. Nevertheless, we have dedicated our web page to what is close to the heart of many: the good life. The pleasure of enjoyment simply forms part of it – and this is exactly our area of our expertise as ham makers in the fourth generation.
We cordially invite you to come with us on a little tour through Berger’s world of ham. It is a world where time has not stood still, even though we have been around for more than 125 years.
It is our world, and this is where we work day after day on creating small things for you to enjoy:
the finest ham of the best Austrian quality. For the enjoyment of the good things.

Your Berger Family

·····················   The ···········································································


of ham makers

Once upon a time, there was a tranquil village in Lower Austria, which was called Sieghartskirchen. It was still the time of the rule of Emperor Franz Josef when, far away from the big city, a fresh entrepreneurial spirit started to stir. A 16-year-old lad wanted to venture his luck and went off to Vienna as cattle trader. The name of the young man was Michael Berger, and when he later returned to his home village as qualified master butcher, he founded a family business whose passion for ham lives on to this day. What sounds like a fairy tale most certainly has not always been one, but nevertheless turned into a story of success of our family, which we continue to write with our heart and soul to this day. « About us »

··············································   Where ··············································


comes from

As far as good food is concerned, mindful consumers today also want to know where it comes from. At Berger, the answer is very simple: it comes from Sieghartskirchen and thus from the very town in the Tullnerfeld in Lower Austria where our family has deep roots for generations. This is where we live. This is where we work. And this is where our fine, hand-made ham specialities of the highest quality are made to this day.
« About us »

Quality, as we understand it, is not only measured by the taste experience, but also by where a product comes from and how it is made. Rudolf Berger

·························································   Made by hand ··


A perfect ham created from the harmonious interplay of taste and look, content and shape. Many small and big steps are required to complete it. And we take great care of each individual one. We, that is in this case 500 ham makers of Berger. « Quality »



into the future

Every decision that we make today has an impact on the future well-being of man, animals and the environment. We know that. And we act accordingly. And that is how we understand sustainable management. Rudolf Berger

« Sustainability »


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for good ham



Enjoyment without regret: This is what not only the Wellness-Schinken with a fat content of just 2% offers. Weight-conscious food lovers can confidently enjoy all the other varieties as well.



A diversified diet instead of culinary monoculture is one of the secrets of healthy nutrition. It is therefore a good thing that our ham specialities go wonderfully together with delicate asparagus, green beans and other seasonal vegetables. Enjoy!



When you enjoy good ham, it will provide you with vitamins and trace minerals. Magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamins B12 and B1 give you the energy you need, keep the metabolism going and strengthen the heart and the nerves.



Protein is especially important for building muscles. In our Berger-Schinken, 76 percent of the entire calories supply this valuable “fuel”.



Instead of flavour enhancers, yeast extracts or artificial colourants, we use fresh ingredients as well as natural herbs and spices. You like it? So do we.



At Berger, even sensitive connoisseurs can enjoy with relish because all our ham specialities are lactose and gluten-free. Enjoy!